Over Twos Room

Two Years to Four Years

The environment is a mixture of fixed and fresh learning opportunities for our Over Twos. We provide young children with the opportunity to explore, investigate and make discoveries. We enable our children to be active participates in their learning and use their interests to shape the direction of their experiences.

Play is the main focus for learning concepts such as language, colours and numbers. Being a toddler is a time for growth and change and our aim is to extend and support children to guide them towards independence and social competence.

We empower children to take an active role as they move towards developing their own self-help and self-care skills. 

Child-led Learning

Play Focused

Local Excursions

Creative Explorations

Building Friendships

Fresh Experiences

If you feel Beach Kids Waihi is suitable for your child, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.