Beach Kids recognises that each child is an individual and when changes take place we aim to minimise disruption. Every child has a unique way in which they deal with change and when transitioning we accommodate their needs. Beach Kids focuses on four main areas of transition and are supported in a number of ways. Please note these are just a guide. We will always maintain what is in the best interest of each child. 

Transition to Beach Kids Waihi Beach

  • Families arrange a visit to the centre prior to start date of which an orientation is given by the centre manager. This is the time to feel welcome, ask questions and begin to form an understanding of the environment.
  • The centre manager will ask parents to complete a document that allows us to get to know your child better - what he/she enjoys, what he/she doesn't enjoy, what his/hers routines are etc.
  • The child is allocated a special teacher who is responsible for support and liaison with families as to how the centre can best meet the individual's needs. This teacher forms a bond with your child.
  • The length of time may vary with how long family wish to stay with their child in the centre during the settling period.
  • The special teacher will continue to have ongoing discussion with each family to discuss how the child is assimilating in the environment. This key teacher is your main point of contact in the centre and will be responsible for documenting their learning progress. 


Transition from our Under Twos Room to the Over Twos Environment

  • As your child approaches two years old the centre manager will send an email or talk with you to discuss your child’s transition.
  • An orientation will be offered to families and the length of transition will vary from child to child.
  • The child is allocated new special teacher in the Over two’s space who is responsible for support and liaison with families as to how the centre can best meet the individual's needs. This teacher forms a bond with your child.
  • Families are welcome to visit the Over two space with their child should they feel it appropriate.


Transition from our Over Twos Environment to our Kindergarten

  • As your child approaches four years old you will receive an invite from the Kindergarten indicating the availability of space. There will then be correspondence from the centre manager about the times / dates for visits.
  • Your child will go with a group of other children around the same age - the Kindergarten has four terms and an intake each term. Those children whose birthdays fall in the middle of each term will liaise with special teacher and the Kindergarten as to which intake would be most suitable. 
  • Parents are offered the opportunity to visit with their child during these visits. However if unable to attend the visit session - between 9.30am and 11.30am a staff member from the Over Two’s team will walk these children down and then walk them back to the preschool.


Transition from our Kindergarten to Primary School

  • As your child approaches five years old you will receive correspondence from the Kindergarten manager about the times / dates for visiting Waihi Beach school.
  • Your child will go with others that will be a part of the same intake. A teacher from the Kindergarten will take the group of children down. However families are encouraged to attend if possible.
  • If your child is attending a different primary school, arrangements will need to be made independent of Beach Kids.


If you feel Beach Kids Early Learning Centre is suitable for your child, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. Alternatively you can fill out a pre-enrolement form here to give us an indication of your interest.