What makes us special

Beach Kids Waihi Beach offers choice for children in all curriculum areas. From literacy and numeracy, to science and technology, through to engineering and dramatic play - we have specialist movement programs that focus on developing fine and gross motor skills as well as a nutrition program to complement this.

We offer children the opportunity to develop social skills, listening skills and to encourage communication. Children are encouraged to pursue the activities that interest them and are guided to develop at their own pace. We appreciate that each child is on an individual learning pathway and we document their learning each month in the form of Storypark ePortfolios. More info on Storypark here.

At Beach Kids, opportunities for learning are offered of which some are planned and some are spontaneous. Each one of our teachers are experts at observing what each child is interested in and encourage exploration and develop opportunities to spark curiosity.

Whanau connection is an integral part of our centre and we are forever finding ways in which to work in partnership to strengthen each child’s sense of belonging at Beach Kids. We utilise relevant academic research to guide best practice and have developed each unique learning environment appropriately for each age group.

Beach Kids Waihi Beach utilises the beautiful stretch of beach on our back door, being only a short walk from both centre sites. This learning resource is interwoven into all aspects of our curriculum, as it offers such precious experiences for children. We have three separate learning environments available.

Under Twos

Over Twos



Enrolment Process

We warmly invite families to enquire about Beach Kids Waihi Beach. Please choose your preference of contact (email / phone) to arrange a time to come and visit us to see if the environment suits your needs. It is our aim to have every child and whanau have a successful transition into the centre and we do look forward to meeting you soon.

The form below can be used to send an email to arrange a visit to Beach Kids Waihi Beach.